Murdering Butcher Villa Escape Game

Murdering Butcher Villa Escape

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Authorities have been hunting this maniac who had killed people in his wake and when they successfully did, a car chase happened after the suspect stole a police car and crashed it against a house! The house was in wreak and from there a hostage taking had occurred after! he used the people living in the house he bumped into. Authorities have no choice but to put this guy down for he had caused so much damage in one day ans even an entire month! But they really wanted to get him alive so he can pay for his crimes, but when they had an opening they ended him and everything was finally over.

As one of the investigators who responded to the scene, investigator West has very few things to do for the crime was done under the eyes of at least a dozen policemen and witnesses, so there isn't much to investigate on. Still, West is seeing some things though and that is why he decided to check the crime-scenes for stuff which can point to a different angle from all of this. Escape players, West is about to find something there, will you join him and see what you can all find?

Murdering Butcher Villa Escape is a brand new point and click investigative escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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