Tiny Puppy Escape Game

Tiny Puppy Escape

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Warren lives in the wilderness and his house there doesn't look typical at all. Back in the city, he is quite a rich man but he let the luxurious life go though for he had enough, that's why he spent a lot of money to get a place there in the wilderness and build a house which resembles a giant corn! Warren is now settled in the forest with all the crops and the stuff he needs so he can live. He even has a friend which was a puppy and he loves that little thing. But one day however something happened to it and its weird for nobody lives near him but then again, that puppy got trapped in an unfamiliar box!

Warren tried to search for his puppy that day for he didn't find it in its usual spot, maybe it's in the forest again and that's why he searched for it, for the little guy is not really ready for the forest yet. Warren looked for his pet when at some point, he noticed a strange box along the way, he took a look at it. It was weird for he never remembered owning something like that, and when he checked on the only hole on its side, his puppy was inside it! Warren immediately went on high alert for his pet got captured by what seems to be a trap which was not even familiar to him. Now he needs to get his puppy out of there quick before something else happens. Will you help him out escape players so that the little creature can be safe? Go ahead then so Warren can get ready for whoever did this.

Tiny Puppy Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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