Halloween Cave Man Escape

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Once again Armando went into the scary forest for he will be celebrating Halloween there, he does that every year and it’s kind of weird. But it is actually a part of his ritual to keep the place where he lives safe and it’s residents there well. This has to be done in the eve of Halloween, that means he will be facing all of the activity there in the forest which most people won’t even dare want to experience. And so Armando travels there and it was once again dark and scary, creatures are starting to emerge from the shadows and he hopes he’ll get through them, for once he haven’t and his ritual was almost ruined. But he was stopped by something though and it’s not because he was forced to, but it was more him than the place.

Armando found this scary little creature which was dressed as a caveman and it’s trapped inside a cage! The creature looked human, well maybe it is but its scary face is really turning Armando to get away from it. But Armando can see its eyes, it really needs help, and what will he do? He can’t just leave that creature there, he needs to maybe save it. Escape players, Armando is going to deviate from his true task here just a bit. Want to help him help this strange creature out from the cage where it’s trapped? If so then do this carefully, for there is still this possibility that this could be a trap.

Halloween Cave Man Escape is the newest point and click scary rescue escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Halloween Cave Man Escape

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