Green Alien Escape

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Wilson found this very strange thing one night and he would not believe at first as to what he had found and that got him very scared. He had found a strange creature which was clearly not from earth, that’s due to its green color and strange appearance, also where it came from. Wilson saw it as a light speeding from the sky heading into the forest near his home, he approached the area where it might have landed and as slowly as he can, he got near to it. The alien was intelligent for Wilson asked what it was doing there in English, it talked and it told him that it got accidentally ejected from their mother ship and the rest from then was now history. Wilson have allowed the creature to live near him but in secret in his old house which was near his home.

Everyday, Wilson visits this alien which was now his friend and gave it everything it needed including strange foods and mysterious contraptions, all so he can one day leave earth and return where it belongs. But one day however, Wilson found his alien friend in trouble! For he could no longer get itself out of the small bathroom near its house! Okay, the door seems jammed but Wilson needs to find his keys first and maybe he can unlock it with that. Escape players, come and help Wilson here free his friend who was definitely out of this world! see him with your own eyes and believe.

Green Alien Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Green Alien Escape


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