The Trap

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As the king of the city, John must keep his head up right-now for the enemy was closing in on them, he needs to be in a safe place now with his most trusted guards and people as he sorts this thing out. John must not be stressed for his thinking here is critical for the survival of them all. Currently they are all in a secret house which was not public knowledge waiting for anything and acting upon that. John is with his cat which keeps his calm and that’s good, for even though he is the king and his decisions are vital as well as good most of the time, he still is kind of the easily startled one and that’s not good at all. That day as they wait however, they never thought the creature that keeps John calm would disturb him, and as one of the trusted guard escape players, you must help now!

John’s cat just cornered a mouse and it was about to catch it when the little rodent got trapped in something! Of course John doesn’t want his cat to eat such vermin especially in this place for who knows where it came from and what diseases it has which might pass to him. As a guard escape players, you must free that rat before it breaks away and take it somewhere far for really, you have no guts to kill it at all. Escape players, will you be able to accomplish this task before king John makes a bad decision?

The Trap is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Foxzoid.