Trophy Escape

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The trophy which Richie had just won made him very rich in praises and applause. Richie isn’t all that rich financially and that’s why he always thought his name was against him, he just work to live and nothing else. After he won in the competition he entered, that changed his life forever and now he is proud to be called as such by his first name. One day however, Richie decided to take a look at his trophy but when he did, he found a very concerning thing which was totally out of his expectation.

At first he found a set of footprints and it headed straight to his trophy cabinet, lo and behold his trophy was missing! Oh no, somebody might have known it is partially made of gold and they took it! Luckily, a set of footprints was leading Richie to it and the thief wasn’t actually too far from him, it is even in the same suburban area! The thief was his neighbor for the prints led to his house but at the moment he is nowhere to be found. The tracks had already stopped but he knows that his neighbor is inside as well as his trophy. Richie must retrieve his trophy back before his neighbor hides it somewhere, will you be able to help him escape players and get this done calmly? Be careful then for you don’t know the lengths Richie’s neighbor will take to posses his trophy.

Trophy Escape is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game released by 8b Games.