Gray Living Room Escape Game

Gray Living Room Escape
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Carly was picking for the perfect house for her family and one by one she checks the houses in the nice neighborhood which she visited. Carly was now picking her favorites but somehow her search stopped in a specific house which had a gray motif and all, she didn't like it for it's too dull and the living room was not so jolly, but she liked the designs though except the color. That's why she moved-on to the other houses for maybe she can find a similar one only with a different color so she doesn't have to repaint, but that's when she realized she couldn't get out of the house for the door seems locked!

Carly was dumbfounded then and she even called the broker who went outside a bit to answer a call, but it seems to be that he is nowhere to be found. Where was he? Carly doesn't know what to do now, but she refuses to be trapped in there though, that's why she decided to try and escape as carefully as possible without damaging anything, it's additional pay if she does that. Escape players, want to join Carly here on this escape and see if you can help her here in this house?

Gray Living Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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