Ghostly Ship Escape Game

Ghostly Ship Escape

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It was smooth sailing as your captain said for the seas are calm and the weather was clear, there was less work at the moment so you slept on the deck waiting for orders and while in it, you had a dream about something not so good. After an hour the dream only got worst and that jolted you from your slumber! You opened your eyes and saw darkness, it was now a stormy situation and you stood-up for your captain should have said something because you were all in this weather now, except this is not your ship however, but what looks like the infamous flying Dutchman!

You are now on a ghost ship and when you looked around, you saw ghosts and that only added to the confusion! This is not good now, you even thought were you still dreaming? For this seems like a dream and the ghosts which you never thought existed actually did and is even right in front of you asking favors! Well, you are not in a dream and that makes it worst. Still you have hopes that you'll be able to return to your ship and abandon this one, for this is worst than a nightmare. Escape players, will you be able to escape from the situation even though you have no idea how to get out from it? Use your skills and logic then for those can definitely help.

Ghostly Ship Escape is the newest point and click scary escape game from Selfdefiant.

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