Street View Door Escape Game

Street View Door Escape

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Robin just took-out the trash from his home and to the dumpster outside which is his usual job in the house, but when he returned home which only took just under a minute, he realized that the door is now locked and he couldn't enter! Robin got very concerned quickly for he is currently alone at home and on the back of his mind he thought maybe someone entered and locked the door behind! This is not good and because Robin is out of his comfort zone now, he couldn't think straight on what he needs to do here, his fears are way above him and even though he doesn't want that, it might be the complete reality.

Robin needs to find anything that he can get his hands on here in the street and see if he can use that to enter his house, he knows he didn't lock it behind him when he got out and that's why he needs to prepare himself for anything as he does. Escape players, come and help Robin here with his problem and try your best to get inside the house.

Street View Door Escape is a brand new point and click escape game released by Genie Fun Games.

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