Plantation Leaf Forest Escape Game

Plantation Leaf Forest Escape

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The land is a great place to raise a species of plant which was quite a rare one and only lives there, eventually through the years of protection, it had become a plantation there for such a plant! And one of the caretakers there now is Carmen. She was indeed impressed with what the previous caretakers have done to the place to make things easier especially in taking-care of the rare plants, but Carmen is new there though and she still has a lot to learn. That day, Carmen was following a path and she knows she is still on charted places for the rare plant trails there as well, but when she tried to head-back however, well she couldn't for she seems to be lost!

Carmen is now lost in the forest and she doesn't know how that happened! Maybe she took a different path on her way back and now this happened? Likely, but she can't just let that be though, she needs to get back for she still has a lot of work to do but for this, she needs to be careful for the forest ahead is very vast and she can get lost in there permanently. Escape players, come and place yourself on the shoes of Carmen here, see if you can return to familiar grounds before the sun goes down.

Plantation Leaf Forest Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by WoW Escape.

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