Grandpas Yard Escape

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Come and check-out this outdoor escape game here everyone for more fun adventures everyday! Grandpas Yard Escape is the newest point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant.

Roe will be spending the holidays at his grandpa’s place and well the area is not very little though, and that makes the visit worthwhile. But even then Roe must always be disciplined for his grandpa can be a bit strict when it comes to everything, things must be straighten-out at all times, well we all know what old people are. Roe was on his 3rd day staying in the place and things were great, the food was good, the air was fresher than expected, and the view of the mountain outside was breathe-taking. Roe went-out of the yard a bit so he can appreciate that but unfortunately, something happened and he could no longer get himself back inside!

Roe is trapped outside and he knows he should not bother his grandpa for he could be sleeping inside and this seems like a silly thing really. Roe needs help here to get back inside and by doing so as quietly as possible and without destroying anything. Escape players, care to join in the escape adventure here with Roe and see if you can help him out with his problem? Go ahead and try this one everyone!

Walkthrough video for Grandpas Yard Escape


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