Evaluate Attic Room Escape

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Test your skills and logic here on this escape from a decent room at the top of the house. Evaluate Attic Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Genie Fun Games for more dose of fun with us!

Krista’s family just moved into a new and big house a few months ago and everyone had already chosen their rooms and even decorated them. Krista got a room at the top-most floor of the house and that is the attic. It’s a spare room for they really don’t have stuff to put in there and plus it was empty when they arrived. Krista had really painstakingly refurbished the room according to her preferences and now, it looks pretty in pink! She was proud of what she had accomplished, but after a while of admiring her work however, the room seems to be giving-off its idea that it doesn’t like the color, for Krista is now trapped in there because the door seems to be mysteriously locked!

Krista screamed for help and obviously nobody can hear her from downstairs thanks to the location of the room. Looks like she needs to do something different here so she can escape and find-out what really happened. Escape players, this could be a prank and all but there is a chance that this can also be pretty serious. Anyways would you still join Krista here on this room escape so she can get herself out safely? Come and try this one out then.