Rescue The Meerkat Game

Rescue The Meerkat

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Escape players, a meerkat is in-trouble here in the lush forest and somehow when you think of it, the creature might be lost or something. Rescue The Meerkat is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games.

Everyone in the forest here is celebrating thanksgiving even the turkeys! They are really not in-concern of their well-being for they are conscious and they know Allan who was the only human living in the place would not hurt them. The place was quite good and the animals are starting to gather in the forest houses for the party, but at some point however Allan noticed something and he can clearly see that it was out of place due to how new it was.

There was a meerkat and it's somehow trapped in something! Meerkats here are pretty rare but it's not impossible that they'll get in this place knowing that there is a grassland and prairie near where the party is located. But what astounds him though was why the animal trapped? What would one do when an animal is trapped? There are two things, but Allan will choose to get it out safely. Escape players, come and join in this animal rescue here with Allan, free the meerkat and make sure it doesn't get hurt.

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