Trials 01

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Venturing through tunnels can sometimes be a drag, moving and turning around through never ending paths which can sometimes lead to nowhere. Well why don’t you come and try this adventure here then. Trials 01 is the newest point and click underground escape game from 5n Games.

Edgar really took the risk of venturing into the tunnels which was crudely made and it’s clearly dangerous, for there are no support beams and that could really make the tunnels cave-in if the ground shifted. Well it’s adventure that is in his blood and that’s why not even his friends can stop him on this one. Wonder what things are down there to be discovered? That thought just rules Edgar’s mind and even though he knows there will be no rescue coming for him when the worst somehow comes, he still went into it and that is where his adventure or misadventure rather starts.

Edgar continues on his trail and he can see that the tunnels are uneven and quite long, it’s really going down into the Earth and who knows what he’ll find in the end of it. Well his decision was to keep going though and sadly, that got him in some trouble there for when he turned to see more tunnels ahead of him, he got confused and now he is lost! Escape players, you know that being lost in such a place can be one of the most dangerous things that can happen to anyone. But would you still join in this adventure with Edgar and see if you can all escape the tunnels safely? Go ahead and try your luck on this one then.

Walkthrough video for Trials 01


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