Grandpa Seeking Heidi

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Grandpa Tim had a visit from his grand-daughter Heidi that day, well actually it’s kind of babysitting for his daughter didn’t have anybody to leave Heidi with, so whoever better leave her to but family. Tim lives in his simple house on the hills peacefully and the place was definitely full of nature and fresh-air, Heidi is going to love it there for she was born and grew all her young life in the suburbs. But little did they all know though Heidi is going to get in a bit of a trouble there thanks to her curiosity and because her grandpa is in his advanced age, he will find solving this problem not easy.

Heidi was nowhere to be found now after grandpa Tim just sat on the porch! She was suppose to be where he had left her, right there on the grass. Tim was now very concerned for he really doesn’t want anything bad happening to her grand-daughter, and plus if anything does his daughter would never forgive him. Escape players, this is all in Tim’s hands now, but because he is old he needs help from you. Okay then, let’s all try to find Heidi and hopefully she is safe somewhere in this place.

Grandpa Seeking Heidi is the newest point-and-click area rescue escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Grandpa Seeking Heidi

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