Smart House Escape (Games 2 Rule)

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In this modern neighborhood, there is actually only a few modern houses there and those are pretty high-tech. Well, not too robotic or something like that though, just special and it’s even quite luxurious in housing standards. As a person who wishes to purchase one, David wanted to check the houses to see if it fits him and his budget would agree on its price as well. David checked this first house and it was mostly on the white motif, it was good, in fact too good for the likes of him. Maybe he’ll check the other houses just to see if he can find one that is a little bit low-key for his standards. But as he tried to get out from there though, he experienced a problem.

David could not get himself out of the house anymore for the doors seems to be jammed! Okay, this could be one of the features of the place. But how is he going to get this door open for he doesn’t have extensive knowledge of the place yet? He definitely needs help there. Escape players, you are now the guide of David here, will you be able to help him escape the house and hopefully no damage will be dealt on anything there in the rooms?

Smart House Escape is a brand new point-and-click indoor escape game released by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Smart House Escape (Games 2 Rule)

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