Seeking Turkey Family

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The mountains houses a ton of turkeys there, but there are two though that are most important there and they should not be hunted. Those are the king and queen turkeys and they are definitely different than the rest of the turkeys there. As a resident of the area, Jimson knows of these critters and of course he really holds himself at times when hunting a turkey there because of them. In fact he once almost killed the couple, but he was stopped by a hoard of turkeys and that was before when he knew about these two. That day as he went again to the place to hunt boar, he never thought he will be meeting those two once again.

Jimson arrived in this area where a house of one of his neighbors were standing, he was currently away and that’s why the place is locked and silent. As he peeked through it though for he heard a sound inside, he found something and he was definitely wide-eyed with the sight! He found the two turkeys there which was the king and the queen together with a younger turkey! What were they doing in there? They seem to be trapped and Jimson can somehow tell through their body language. They were obviously trying to escape, Jimson thought why were they even in there? How did they get inside? Okay then, Jimson is going to get them out for they need to return to the forest where they belonged. Escape players, want to help Jimson here in saving the most important turkeys in this wilderness?

Seeking Turkey Family is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Seeking Turkey Family

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