Goodbye 2021 (8b Games)

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Mila went to her friend’s house for there is a party there for new year. She has nobody with her at the moment so she’ll spend the new year there with her friend. It’s going to be a blast and Mila wanted to see it from start to finish, so she went there very early in the day and her friend was actually thankful for her in doing that, well that’s because there was a little problem and she needs help!

Mila’s friend has this party pig and it’s kind of like an antic just to make the celebration more fun. Upon hearing that, Mila got a little hesitant with that idea, but it she just got carried-away with that, well that’s because the problem was all about that pig! Mila’s friend was trying to get this party pig out of this room for it was locked! She doesn’t know if this pig locked itself in there or this was an accident, more likely it is, she needs help with this for she has a lot of things to get done here. Okay at least she can be useful, said Mila to herself. Escape players, Mila have no idea how to solve this exactly but she needs to try, how will you get this one done if you were Mila? Go ahead and try this rescue then or the pig!

Goodbye 2021 is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game released by 8b Games.

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