Luxury House Escape (8b Games)

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Glenn was selecting a house there in the neighborhood and he was accompanied by a broker. He just wants a simple one but even then he has specific preferences and that is what is making them weave from house to house for those preferences were still not met by the other places. This one even where he currently was is being rejected for it doesn’t fit him still. Okay, guess it’s time to say goodbye to this place as well, but as he was about to get out of the house though and back to his broker who was outside, he encountered a problem for the house is not allowing him to leave!

Guess this house is desperate to be acquired, for now the door is locked and Glenn could not budge it open! He can see his broker outside waiting for him, okay this might be some accident or whatever, he is going to get himself out of there then and quickly for not only this is embarrassing for him, but he still hasn’t picked a house just yet and he is really set on getting one here, it’s just that his preferences haven’t met since he got there. Escape players, come and help Glenn here escape then and try not to damage anything in the rooms there as you do.

Luxury House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Luxury House Escape (8b Games)

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