Find My Puppy (Games 2 Rule)

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The flowershop is open for everyone now, but there was very little customers that day though and that’s why Daniel was alone in the place with of course the shop’s owner. Daniel was picking some flowers there for his mother and at the moment he can’t quite pick the one he expects his mother to like, well it’s not like he doesn’t know anything about bouquet decors, but the beautiful looks of the shopkeeper is really distracting him. Well still Daniel kept his focus for he doesn’t want to look like a weirdo there.

As Daniel was selecting his flowers, the shopkeeper suddenly needed some help! Okay, Daniel is currently the only person there aside from her, guess he’ll help-out here with whatever is the problem. The shopkeeper needs help with her puppy which was now trapped in a room there in the shop! It was sudden for at first she was relaxed there finishing something, and then she needed help. Okay then, Daniel will help for she needs it and of course this could be his chance to get to know the lady. But first the problem here must be solved, so escape players would you like to help Daniel here so he can get this puppy out from the room safely?

Find My Puppy is another new point and click pet rescue escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Find My Puppy (Games 2 Rule)

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