Golden Egg Rescue Game

Golden Egg Rescue

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Come-on over and try this one escape players! Golden Egg Rescue is a brand new point and click escape game released by Games 2 Jolly for more daily dose of fun here.

There are old houses in the village here but hidden somewhere in one of it is an ancient item which is much older than everything one can see in this area, that's according to some scientist who studied the artifact before it got unfortunately stolen. But that day, June who was the keeper, had a tip of where it might be and well of course, it's in the said village with old houses. June had been the keeper of the artifact which was a golden egg for as long as he can remember, upon receiving the item, June was given a saying that one day the egg will produce something magnificent which the world hasn't seen before. June had the idea in his mind for all of his life that the golden egg will hatch something one day to something great so that's why whatever is inside it he must rescue.

Escape players, will you all be able to find that golden egg hidden somewhere in the village here? Place yourself on June then and good luck with the retrieval adventure with us. Stay alert as well for there is a thief here who stole the precious egg.

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