Dead Angel Forest Escape Game

Dead Angel Forest Escape

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Try this one escape players! Dead Angel Forest Escape is a scary point and click scary wilderness escape game developed by Fun Escape Games for more fun adventures here in a haunted forest.

Rachel and her friend got extra adventurous that day and even more so, extra curious. So the two decided to check the dead forest for their curiosity is really eating them and for years, the only thing they can do about it is just stare at the edge of it and not even set a foot in the place. But now that they are adults, they can decide for themselves on what to do and that day, they made their choice in entering the scary place which was obviously a bad decision.

Rachel and her friend entered the dead forest and it's indeed really scary, it's going to get even scarier though for Rachel and her friend got split-up which is a bad thing especially in such a place like this, well it's going to get pretty serious though for Rachel just found-out why the place was also nicknamed the dead angel forest. There were black ghosts in the forest and they all looked like the grim reaper! Rachel got really concerned for her life for the floating reapers are not very friendly and she needs to find her friend somehow or find a way out of the place so she can get help. Escape players, care to try the scary escape adventure here with Rachel and out of the dead forest? Good luck then everyone, enjoy with us everyday!

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