Tribeman Village Escape Game

Tribeman Village Escape

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Tribeman Village Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Games 2 Rule for more dose of fun with us daily. Best of luck!

The remote village which is isolated in the forest is so primitive that they still believe in dangerous curses, witches, and sorcery, that's why one should be very careful in showing oneself there and bringing technology, for they might really mistake that certain someone using some sort of sorcery they couldn't understand. Near that village, there is another one but it's more advanced for it is near civilization. The said tribe has its own chief and for years, the two had been negotiating and sadly, they couldn't just get to an understanding until one day in the present time, something happened which now concerns both village's survival.

The primitive village just made a move and that move was successful, it's really bad for that move was holding the modern village's chief as their captive in one of their guarded houses! As a next in line for the modern village's leader, Khan must act quickly for it's not only his chief but also his father, will he be able to make the rescue before the situation gets worst? Escape players, you are very much welcome to try the rescue attempt here with Khan, this is one dangerous and sensitive mission so get it done successfully. Enjoy the rescue and escape here with us.

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