Escape From Hoary Place Game

Escape From Hoary Place

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Escape From Hoary Place is a brand new point and click escape game from Top 10 New Games for more dose of fun escapes here in an ancient place. Enjoy!

Deep in the ancient fort, there is some sort of old temple or something and it's quite scary in there. A lot of historical stuff is down in that place, so even though Max is quite scared of going in, he still did with all of his wits and courage. At first, Max saw various ancient Egyptian objects and all of it looked stocked in a hurry or something, the place might have been a storage dungeon for all of these valuable things, for the time before was dangerous and other nations would ransack an entire city if they choose to conquer it. Max went further for everything had caught his interests but when he realized that he had over-welcomed his adventure in the place, he quickly tried to find the way out but then, it's too late.

Max got himself lost in the ancient scary place and right-after, it seems that the artifacts are releasing something which feels like a curse! Max must escape the place right-now before another thing happens which can really get him into more problems. Escape players, you are very free to try the escape adventure here with Max, good luck and have fun daily.


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