Mysterious Mansion Escape (365 Escape) Game

Mysterious Mansion Escape (365 Escape)

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Try the escape here everyone, enjoy! Mysterious Mansion Escape is the newest point and click escape game from 365 Escape for more fun with so, have fun daily.

The mansion was once a big house for who knows who built it and is as huge as a castle, it also once was a hidden structure but because people tend to venture into remote places in all edges of the Earth, the huge house was discovered. Nathan wasn't going to let an opportunity pass here, for a person who loves mysteries and old places, he of course took a ride there and as lucky as he can be, there wasn't any visitors other than him at the moment. Perfect, now he can really check the place out undisturbed, but little did he know however that he's going to have a problem in the mansion.

There are rumors that the place has mysterious and magical lights especially at night and nobody can really explain it, there are also stories of people getting lost there and just popped in any time mostly days, with only stories that they have been only gone for a few hours, it's very weird and as Nathan thinks about this, he began to realize that he is probably going to be one of those people. Nathan got lost in the maze-like halls of the mansion and there he confirmed he got caught by the magical traps of the place! Escape players, Nathan here is gonna have to find a way as quickly as he can or be lost and travel a few days to the future, place yourself on his situation and good luck on the escape adventure.



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