Forest Green Temple Game

Forest Green Temple

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Forest Green Temple is the newest point and click escape game from Mirchigames for more retrieval adventures here in a remote place. This game is a part of the previous one as its sequel. Have fun!

The journey for the El Dorado treasures is getting really confusing, so Wally who took this adventure in the search for the mystical treasures of El Dorado, made a side-trip for the potential location of all of the treasure's hidden map! There was actually a map which was hidden in the lush and swampy forest, but well he just knew about this thanks to the clues he found in the previous adventure. Right-now, Wally has a few treasures of El Dorado in his possession, which means the treasures are definitely real. Will Wally be able to retrieve the map which he made a side-trip for?

Escape players, the El Dorado treasures must not fall in the wrong hands and Wally knows he is not one of them, care to try the retrieval attempt with Wally and see if you can find the El Dorado's treasure map? Good luck then and stay alert, for you are now in the search for a valuable item, which means there are definitely some traps and other things that are built to stop anyone to go further.

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  1. Date: July 23, 2019
    Author: b165042407
    Lovely both the idea and the implementation. Bravo! [Reply]

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