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Gold Mine 7

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The gold mines just keep on coming. This is the 7th gold mine already. And you thought you have already explored all the possible gold mines there were. However, they just seemed to be popping out like mushrooms. Gold wasn't your goal anymore. For so many times you had entered and escaped a mine, all you wanted to do was stop. You might want to be inside the mine once more as long as it held unfathomable gold. If all you'd get was just a single gold stuff, then you'd better just rob a museum. Then again, you couldn't deny that you enjoyed the many puzzles found inside each mine. You felt like you were already losing your problem solving skills before entering your first mine. But the continuous exploration of the following mines made you confident again about being able to solve the puzzles you'd encounter.

This mine contained as much puzzles as the previous ones you escaped from. But they were not all the same. So this meant that you'd have to find new ways to solve them as your previous strategies might not work. You seemed to come prepared though. Play Gold Mine 7 room escape game by NSR Games.

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