Forgotten Mansion Escape

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There are so many things that you can remember in this mansion. You regret to forget this beautiful place. So now that you are here, you want to stay for a little longer so you can reminisce the good old days. You plan to revive this mansion but there is a problem that you have to solve. Since you forgot to visit the mansion for a very long time, this mansion didn’t get a proper maintenance. The doors became rusty and old. This is the reason why you are finding it hard to open it. Thankfully, there are still items in the room that you can use to open the door. This is not an easy puzzle to solve but there are clues that can help you to figure things out. You can’t stay inside this place for too long so you have to escape as fast as you can.

Even with the help of the items and clues, you still have to use your logic to escape from the room. Forgotten Mansion Escape is a brand new room escape game by Games 2 Rule. Play this exciting point n’ click escape game and escape quickly. Good luck and have fun!