Archaeopteryx Bird Forest Escape Game

Archaeopteryx Bird Forest Escape

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There was a place called Archaeopteryx Bird Forest. However, because its name was hard to pronounce, not many tourists could reach the place. You didn't know about the forest as well. But when your friend took some stones out of there, you immediately researched everything you needed to know. The birds in that forest didn't like strangers. They don't attack people but they'd do things that would make you want to leave. Your friend visited the forest a few weeks ago. She didn't know anything about the place. But the beauty of the birds there captivated her. She didn't want to leave the forest anymore. Then again, the visiting time there was limited. So to have something that would remind her of the forest, she took some stones home. The birds weren't a bit happy about this. They were very protective of their place.

Your friend started having problems. She couldn't have a peaceful sleep at night with the birds visiting her dreams. She was clueless at first. But then she realized it must have been because of the stones. However, she was too afraid to be back. And that was when she asked you to put the stones back. You were successful in getting there. But now you need to find a way out. Play Archaeopteryx Bird Forest Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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