Hobbit House Escape Game

Hobbit House Escape

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Your friend was an architect. You were so close in your college days. He would design some houses for you. Other times, you would ask him to design some houses for you. Then the two of you would help each other in building the miniature versions of it. You had a special storage room for these miniature houses in your home. Every time you would design new house, you would check the old ones first to make sure you wouldn't repeat the designs. Everything was fine until graduation. Your friend needed to leave the city to settle where his workplace would be. You tried so hard to look happy for him. But he could see right through you. So a day before he left, he gave you a miniature hobbit house. He told you to look for it if you wanted to meet him in the future.

Years passed and you got busy with your own life. You were looking for your notes in college when you happened to open the storage room that contained the miniature houses. You looked at each one of them and your gaze stayed at the hobbit house. This would be the way to find your friend. And so you began the search for it. Play Hobbit House Escape room escape game by Big Escape Games.

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