Castle King Rescue Game

Castle King Rescue

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Your head was still a bit heavy after traveling through five decades just to help out a stranger. However, you couldn't stay in bed for long. Your whole day was already full. And missing one task would mean work piling up. You wanted to have a little break after all this. So you needed to complete the tasks each day. You fixed your breakfast and ate while scrolling through your schedule. The dates weren't that long ago except for one. For this mission, you needed to travel a few centuries back. You almost stopped your breakfast just thinking of all the sensations you would be feeling just to reach the year. Then again, avoiding this one wouldn't mean that it would disappear. It would just be pushed further and further. But you'd still had to deal with it one day.

So you decided to do this first. Your mission would be to help a castle king escape from a castle. Sometimes you wondered why the people you were helping got caught in such sticky situations. Were they the good guys? Or had they done something wrong? However, your main task was just to help them regardless of what they had done. Play Castle King Rescue room escape game by Mirchigames.

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