Gold Castle Escape Game

Gold Castle Escape

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The castle almost made entirely of gold where Henry lives as a villager around it, is the most successful kingdom and wealthiest too, well that's because of the royal family's plunders from other kingdoms and hoarding of wealth, it's not at all a secret but nobody is brave enough to oppose them, for even though the king is a bit evil, he still provide for his people what they need as long as one don't betrays him. One day, Henry opened his eyes and found himself laying on some comfortable and beautifully smelling grass, then he stood-up for he never remembered sleeping in some! That's when he saw he was in the castle grounds which everyone is prohibited to go!

Henry doesn't even know why he was there but his concerns now of him being in the place was really high, for if the king finds-out he was there and how he got there then he might get tortured into spilling how he got to in one of the castle's closely guarded yards, which he even had no idea how. Escape players, this is some great escape Henry will do in all of his life, will you help him out before the guards notices?

Gold Castle Escape is the newest point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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