Backyard Escape (Games 2 Mad) Game

Backyard Escape (Games 2 Mad)
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Sergio had been looking for his house keys all morning but it seems to be really missing, so he decided to continue looking in his front yard garden and his backyard for he had been into both places earlier. The front yard was no problem, but because Sergio lives in the wilderness, his backyard wasn't such a small place with a few bushes and a tool shed, but an entire forest and well he considers it his backyard. Now, Sergio will begin to look for his missing keys so he can lock his house before nighttime comes, he must for the wild animals living near him are capable of opening unlocked doors now and not to mention thieves as well.

Sergio finished his search in the front and it was clear, nothings there, now the backyard and it could take all afternoon. Escape players, want to join Sergio here and help with his escalating problem? Go ahead then, his problem is his missing keys and he needs to find them before nightfall. Keep your eyes open now and because keys are shiny, it might not be that hard to spot.

Backyard Escape is another new point and click item retrieval wilderness escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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