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Find The Mystery Map

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Marie had been to around the world in search of the map which her father had been searching for in his lifetime, but sadly he failed and passed, now his daughter took up the mission. In the journals of Marie's father, the map can point anyone to an old place potentially ancient and that's where the adventure begins. It's like he left a riddle to his daughter and Marie is curious enough to find-out what it is. Marie is now in a quiet neighborhood somewhere in Japan and she'll begin to search for the map there, it is one of the last places her father didn't look so Marie will now fulfill that.

Escape players, Marie will be searching for the map here and it can't possibly be guarded now, but it might be inside one of the houses in the place and that can potentially get her in trouble if she enters in one without permission and worst-case, deported! Marie doesn't want that, well until she finds the map, will you help her with that? You can join her on this quest then for the hidden map, spot clues and move stealthily here for getting spotted will definitely cause alarm.

Find The Mystery Map is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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