Girl Escape From Pleasant House Game

Girl Escape From Pleasant House

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Shelly was a girl who liked all things glam. She always had vacations in the glitziest parts of the world. You were always welcome to join her. However, you felt that her lifestyle was just too much. So you would always let her enjoy her vacations while you enjoyed yours. You usually had vacations inside forest houses. Your friends owned some and you got the chance to experience a different one each year. Shelly always looked at your pictures with her eyebrows close together. It seemed like she couldn't understand what you liked about the places you visit. Then she would always compare it with the ones she was staying at. You would just listen to her and agree. This could be one of the reasons why she was so curious. Then one day, she couldn't keep her curiosity anymore. She asked that she joined your vacation.

And you didn't try to stop her. It seemed like a treat for you to see how she managed your lifestyle. So you brought her to one of the houses near the forest. She looked delighted and called the house pleasant. And then she got busy with the ordinary things. However, when the wind blew, the door closed. The two of you looked at the door. You thought she would panic. But she had the look of determination to conquer this strange experience. Play Girl Escape From Pleasant House room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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