Save The Baby From Zombies Game

Save The Baby From Zombies

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The only money you had would only last until the end of the month. After that, you'd literally have nothing. You made a few wrong decisions regarding the financial aspect of your life. You didn't bet on gambling nor used up your money on shopping. However, you tried to invest in yourself by enrolling in a class. You weren't able to estimate the cost and you ended up losing money fast. Then you stopped coming to class altogether. Instead, you focused on searching for income. You'd just have to save until you could afford to continue your classes. You were juggling part time jobs and freelance ones. That was until you found a part time job that could pay you twice than what you were receiving with your freelance ones. So you immediately jumped at the opportunity. You had little experience with babies, but you believed you'd do well.

The baby was gentle and calm. You feared having to stop the baby from crying. But you'd been with him for the whole day and you didn't even hear a whimper. His parents were very chill as well that you couldn't help but feel relaxed as well. The baby was enjoying the cool water of the pool when slowly from the darkness, emerged the zombies. Play Save The Baby From Zombies outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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