Pleasant Farm House Escape

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Luigi received this new sweet farm house from his grandfather and the thing is absolutely luxurious. The place looks like a normal farm house from the outside but on the inside though, it was very different and it really doesn’t fit the farmland area here. Well, Luigi is very thankful to his grandfather for he really answered his wishes.

It’s been a few weeks now since Luigi received the place and he is starting to get accustomed there, he had redecorated some of the rooms just a bit for most he already likes. But that day though as Luigi was deciding to do some chores that day, something happened and he is now in some mysterious problem! Escape players, want to see what is troubling Luigi there? See if you can ever help him too for at the moment the problem is really stopping him there.

Pleasant Farm House Escape is the newest point-and-click indoor escape game from Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Pleasant Farm House Escape

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