Valentine House Escape 4 Game

Valentine House Escape 4

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It had been days since you escaped the Valentine trap set up by your friend. She asked you to meet her to talk about what happened with her failed plans. You were very cautious in meeting her. However, since you had always escaped her plans, you knew nothing could go wrong. You were to meet at a cafe. This was one of your favorites as they had drinks that didn't hurt your stomach. You entered the cafe and looked for her. Then again, you couldn't see her in any of the tables. So you decided to just walk around a bit until she arrived. As you were about to step out of the cafe, you met your old classmate. You really thought the two of you had a funny history. You almost fell in love with him when he slowly broke the walls you placed around you.

However, some things were just not meant to be. You never reached the confession stage when you decided to leave. You never heard of him again until that day. So instead of leaving, you chose to sit inside. The bell rang and you had to stop your head from turning to look at the person who entered. Then you received a text from your friend saying she changed the location. You didn't want to stay long inside so you immediately went to the place forgetting about the setup. Play Valentine House Escape 4 room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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