Get Back Halloween Cat

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A few years ago, one of your cats gave birth on your birthday. One of them was a black cat. Unfortunately, its siblings didn’t survive. You named the black cat same with the black cat from your favorite movie. Baggy grew up to be a very active and playful cat. You couldn’t wait to get home every lunch time and after school just to play with him. However, it seemed like he was not meant to stay for long. One afternoon, you saw Baggy lifeless near the road. It seemed like he had been through a struggle. Your world became lifeless like him for at least a month. Your tears just kept on flowing every time you remembered the hardship he must have been through. But you chose to keep a lively and happy memory of Baggy.

Years passed and you once more saw a black cat passing by your house. You wanted it to stop and find shelter in your house. However, the cat just passed by silently. On its path though, you saw some tiny glittering things. You followed them and found yourself in a forest. Then a vision appeared, it was asking you to get back the Halloween Cat. You have a strong feeling you’ll find Baggy somewhere. Play Get Back Halloween Cat outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.