Abandoned Goods Train Game

Abandoned Goods Train

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You always go back to this country hoping to find something new every time. And you're not disappointed every time as well. Even if it had been only a few months since you left, when you return, there would be new buildings and other structures. Then you would have a fun time trying to figure out what is inside those new structures or what they meant. However, for this return, you want to discover something new from old things. So you spent your first night searching for the perfect spot. Your search leads you to an abandoned goods train. You have been around this area before but you haven't discovered the train yet. Now that you've seen it, you can't wait to explore it. The information says there must be something keeping the people taking away something from the train. This bit piqued your interest.

The next morning, you find yourself in front on the train. You're looking really hard for cameras and other things that can bring troubles to you. After finding none, you let yourself in to start looking around. But you forgot to look for a sure exit. Play Abandoned Goods Train room escape game by 5n Games.

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