Find Spooky Treasure Game

Find Spooky Treasure

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You and your friends aren't health buff. However, you still find a way to burn the excess fats in your body. One of the ways you do this is by hiking. There's a forest you frequent. Most of the times, you go there as a group. Other times you hike through the forest alone. All of you know the way through and around the forest like you owned it. So when you heard that one of your friends had gone missing, you all raised your brows. He wouldn't go missing on his own. You gathered your friends and conducted your own investigations. You were suspecting a witch living in the forest. But all the while you thought she was happy with your presence. The place seemed spooky all of a sudden. Your friend must have discovered something he shouldn't and the witch didn't like it.

After figuring this out, traces of your friend can be found in the forest. You follow each one but you have to do more if you want to find your friend once more. So you take your time to figure out what each item means and how should you make good use of it. Play Find Spooky Treasure room escape game by Mirchigames.

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