Gamer Boy Escape

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Allan has this friend who was a prolific gamer. In fact way back when he was younger, he was already fond of games in the form of board ones and eventually he moves to electronics which he was absolutely good of as well. That day when Allan finished his school work, he decided to visit that friend of his and maybe he can challenge him too on one of his games. But as he got to the place though, there seems to be a problem! And that’s his friend was currently trapped in his room and he couldn’t get out!

His friend’s mom is doing the best she can to get him out, Allan was just observing and as he saw everything, his friend seems to be just calm in his room there. Maybe he went back to playing while this is all happening? Still though he is trapped and help must be brought to him even though he doesn’t realize of the potential dangers which this can bring to him. Escape players, you will now be on the shoes of Allan here for he will help on this problem too. Will you be able to get his gamer friend out and maybe find-out then what happened?

Gamer Boy Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Gamer Boy Escape

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