Monkey GO Happy – Stage 541

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We are back in time in the medieval ages where robin hood so it seems and what looks to be an emissary of the king is currently looking at each other like they were about to do something not good. But as they were about to though, mini-monkeys started appearing and as the emissary broke-out that unique stresses which the monkey operatives can only detect, they immediately arrived and sent their operative there!

It’s a good thing they are just nearby, but this situation here looks edgy and the operative fears he might do something which can change the flow of time. And so he activated a time freeze and that stopped the two humans from moving. But that didn’t stop the mini monkeys though as he had expected, so the retrieval mission here for them must be done now! Escape players, you are called as well to help for the operative here is a baby. Well don’t underestimate him though, for he had completed thousands of missions just like this one, but as always though more help is appreciated. Come and retrieve all the mini-monkeys here that are scattered around and quickly too before the time freeze starts to wane.

Monkey GO Happy – Stage 541 is a brand new point and click retrieval adventure escape game released by Pencil Kids. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel, and is a part of the first game as the start of the series.

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Walkthrough video for Monkey GO Happy – Stage 541

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