Black Hawk Escape

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Off Ella goes into the forest again for she needs herbs, species, firewood, and fruits. She does this every week and it’s no problem, for she is the adventurous kind and never she had been better living like this than in the city. That day, there were less stuff in the typical area she is always harvesting some stuff from, so she moved deeper into the forest for more. But as she kept going though, she did not expect to find a man-made thing there and with it a trapped animal!

Ella found a cage or a trap or something which was clearly made by someone, and inside it is what seems to be a black hawk! Ella quickly was on high alert then for she really thought she was living alone in this place, but seeing this surely proved her wrong. Ella was thinking what she needs to do here, she scanned the area and it seems there was nobody around. As she saw the hawk though she thought there aren’t much of them here, maybe she’ll free this bird and set the trap again, for clearly this bird here isn’t a bounty animal. Escape players, you are now on the shoes of Ella here and she already decided to save the hawk, so will you just help her so she can open the trap without damaging it or hurting the animal?

Black Hawk Escape is a new wilderness rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Black Hawk Escape

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