Fun Escape 011 Game

Fun Escape 011

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There is a new attraction in town. Everyone is coming in droves together with their friends and family. You do not really care at first but word of mouth has it that it is well worth visiting. At the insistence of your friend, you agreed to go pay a visit.

After arriving at the venue, you see that the attraction is a theme park. The venue is filled with all sorts of fun little escape games, each with its own little motifs. Your friend drags you to one of the games.

You now find yourself in an underwater escape game. The rules say that you must look for clues in order to solve puzzles to escape. You think that it is only a hassle but then you see that you will get to keep the reward at the end of the game.

Fun Escape 011 is a fun and challenging point and click escape game created by Wow Escape. In this escape game, you must navigate through the deeps of the ocean and figure out a way to escape. Use your wits and channel your problem-solving skills to solve the numerous puzzles and escape. A special reward surely awaits you at the end.

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