Vegetable World Fairy Rescue Game

Vegetable World Fairy Rescue

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You were just casually watching TV one night until you came across a certain commercial. It is a commercial about a blender that specializes in making vegetable smoothies. It was then followed by a segment about eating healthy. Modern food is becoming increasingly unhealthy because of all the preservatives. Trying to cram vegetables in your diet would do your body a favor.

While you are eating dinner, you feel disgusted at yourself because you are still eating junk food. You then decide that it is time to eat healthy. You decide that tomorrow, the first thing you will be doing is go to the market.

Vegetable World Fairy Rescue is a fun and challenging point and click escape game from Games 2 Rule. This escape game will put you on a unique adventure.

Upon arrival at the market, you grab all the vegetables you can. Eventually, you come across a glowing vegetable. Your curiosity got the best of you and you proceed to grab it. Suddenly, everything around you becomes a blur. You now find yourself in a fantasy vegetable world. You also encounter a peculiar and magical fairy. She tells you that in order to go back to your world, you must help her escape.

You must now use your wits to solve the puzzles in the vegetable world. Point and click to interact with the objects and escape with the fairy. Best of luck!

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