Billy Beach House Escape Game

Billy Beach House Escape
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Mischievous little Billy is at it again. He has done what he does best and it is to get in trouble. This time, he managed to get himself trapped inside a beach house. You cannot help but wonder if you are terribly unlucky or a higher power is toying with you. At any rate, you find yourself with the sole responsibility of helping little Billy out of the fancy tropical beach house.

Billy Beach House Escape is a fun and challenging point and click escape game made by Genie Fun Games. In this escape game, you must help the little boy Billy get out of the beach house. You must point and click to interact with the objects found throughout the vicinity and use them to solve the puzzles. Solving these puzzles are the key to helping Billy escape. You are all too familiar with this because this has happened way too many times. You cannot even count on one hand the times you came to his rescue.

Left with no choice, you take a deep breath and sigh. It is not as if you do not like solving puzzles anyway and you think helping Billy out is a reward in itself. Good luck in helping Billy escape!

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