Forgotten Hill The Wardrobe – Other Friends

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Waylon and his brother were really good with each other, they were like best buds and because they are biologically brother, that makes it even better. They have been together with everything especially on adventures and discoveries, but because Waylon’s brother is older than him, he had to leave for school in a different place. They didn’t want to break apart but that’s just how it’s going to be and plus they will see each other again. Well that’s just in their thoughts for when he returned a week later, he came to learn of something quite concerning for him.

He just discovered that Waylon had been taken in by the Anderson home and for him this is not good, for once he witnessed something in that house and he vowed to never set foot in there. He didn’t tell his brother Waylon, well he kind of wished that he had for he might not have accepted the invitation for him to the house. Something sinister was living in there and he doesn’t want his brother Waylon to be a puppet of that thing, so he is going to get Waylon out of there and it’s going to be a huge step for boy if he is successful with this, then he’ll have a real tale on his hands. Escape players, you are the brother of Waylon here and rescuing him is your priority, will you be able to and maybe do even more just for the sake of the place?

Forgotten Hill The Wardrobe – Other Friends is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from FM Studio.

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Walkthrough video for Forgotten Hill The Wardrobe – Other Friends

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