Forgotten Hill Disillusion – Flora And Fauna

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Pierre was finally taken to somewhere due to his obsession in uncovering things that are of mysterious proportions. He uncovered something as he searches for evidences in the wardrobes of this house, and that sent him to a different place which has weird flora and fauna in it!

Pierre have no idea where he was, it’s weird for he was in this big house which had weird specimens and those thankfully interests him, for that’s what’s making him calm there. Escape players, Pierre needs to get out of there still for this is still a potentially dangerous situation. Will you help him then even though escaping is only half of what he thinks he needs to do there? Help him still if he wants to continue.

Forgotten Hill Disillusion – Flora And Fauna is a brand new point-and-click strange indoor escape game released by FM Studio.

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Walkthrough video for Forgotten Hill Disillusion – Flora And Fauna

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