Forgotten Hill – The Wardrobe Chapter 2 Two Sisters

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Your depression had almost gotten the best of you for you are hardly getting by to save yourself and your two daughters. Plus employment opportunity had gone down in the town and that didn’t make it any easier for you. But everything changed though in a span of 3 days when an antique salesman sold you this ornate wardrobe which was now being sold for cheap for nobody would buy it. Of course you took it for something seems to be special with it and you thought there was something very good inside the thing, the only way to get to it is through the lock which the salesman didn’t have a key for.

For a day, that wardrobe stayed in your house while you went on fishing, the fishing trip yielded well for you caught a few, but one however had a key inside its bowels! Okay this looked like a coincidence, or probably not, of course you went home quickly to test the key to that wardrobe, but you remembered that you had a job interview now and you had to leave the key at the table, well that would prove to be a big mistake though. Escape players imagine you are the man in this story here where a potentially troubling situation starting to unfold. See what kind of trouble shall rise here concerning that wardrobe and see if you can ever fix that?

Forgotten Hill – The Wardrobe Chapter 2 Two Sisters is the newest point and click strange escape game created by FM Studio.

Walkthrough video for Forgotten Hill – The Wardrobe Chapter 2 Two Sisters


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2 months ago

please can just let me have a read out walktrough

2 months ago

Ok, so this was my first go at these games, and I was really enjoying the challenge. However, when it came to where I had to put in the Duck Speake it would not accept whatever I put. I got the sequence and used the “cheat” and I was doing what that said and it just would not work, so I gave up. Perhaps a little cryptic, but that’s kinda cool, but what really bugged me is the greed in having too many adverts to make money, vey tiresome. Otherwise good games.